Mrs. Hamilton Notes

Technology II is a course that encourages creativity and working with the hands and a variety of technologies


Posted: November 7, 2011

Math: Multiplying Fractions Test tomorrow (Study from practice test and Assignment #2 )

Posted: October 25, 2011

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Posted: October 15, 2011

Science: Mini Lesson Presentations for CH 10 will begin on Monday.  They will proceed in the order that they appear on your assignment sheet.
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Posted: October 13, 2011

MATH - p 108 5-10 - # 1-2 on sheet  

Posted: October 6, 2011

Math: - Wrote Integer Unit Test today....if you missed it, you write tomorrow - We start Unit 3 tomorrow (Operations with Fractions) Science: - Working on our 'Mini Lessons'. - Make sure you have a partner and know your topic before next class

Posted: October 6, 2011

REMINDERS! Picture Retakes are tomorrow Please watch the announcements on the main page if you missed them today No School Monday! (Thanksgiving Weekend! wahoo!) No School Friday Oct 21st (CI Day for Teachers)  

Posted: September 30, 2011

Math: - Integers Unit Test Thursday Oct 6th

Posted: September 29, 2011

Math: - p.92: 3, 4abc, 5, 10ac, 11 - Integers Unit Test Wed Oct 5   Science: 8B - 10.1 Water Assignment due next at the end of next Science class

Posted: September 21, 2011

MATH: Assignment # 1 due Friday (see attached if you've lost/forgotten yours)   SCIENCE: Bring in sponges & small blocks of wood for demonstration

Posted: September 15, 2011

Math: p. 68 - 8c, 9e, 10db Text books covered!!

Posted: September 8, 2011

Math: - Outline signed - Text covered by Monday   Science: - Outline signed (8A, 8C)

Posted: September 8, 2011

Hello 8C! Just a reminder about bringing in pink and white forms, and your $20 student fee.

Posted: August 29, 2011

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer break! I will be back teaching on the Orange Team this year (Math & Science) and am very excited to see some familiar faces again this year.  I have been on Maternity Leave since October 2010 and my daughter was born in November.  I also have a three year old son at home, both of whom I will greatly miss while at school.  But, I am also very excited to be back and starting a fresh school year!  I have many interesting things planned for Math & Science and can't wait to dive in! Welcome again and here's to a great last year of Middle School to all of our Grade 8's!! Sincerely, Mrs. Hamilton

Posted: October 21, 2010

Math: - Get Test Signed - Fractions, Decimals & Percent Assignment due tomorrow   Science: - Bring in Materials for Lab - Have Summary & Lab write-up complete before the day of the lab.

Posted: October 20, 2010

Math: - Fractions, Decimals & Percent Assignment # 1 due Fri Oct 22. - Get Decimals Test Signed   Science: - Bring in materials for lab. - Finish Lab Write-up & hand in Design Summary (if you haven't already).