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Technology II is a course that encourages creativity and working with the hands and a variety of technologies

Posted: November 9, 2016

8A Science Cell activities

1. Play 'Cell Explorer'

2. Each time you 'shoot' a component of the cell, write the term and the description in your duotang (to be checked).

Posted: November 7, 2016

2015 Hour of Code Tutorials

Choose a tutorial from to learn basic coding skills :)

Click on the link below.

You may go on any of the sites listed (and ONLY the sites listed)

Mrs. Hamilton's and Ms. Waye's Math classes (6A, 6B and 7A) MUST have a calculator for next class.  The few that we had to lend out have been misplaced or broken.

Thank you.

Posted: October 26, 2016

1. Your are to create a 4 slide PowerPoint

2. Choose a bacteria 

3. Slide 1 - Scientific and other names of chosen bacteria and your name and homeroom

4. Slide 2 - Picture of the bacteria and a physical description of what it looks like

5. Slide 3 - Explain what this bacteria does and why it is good/bad for us.

6. Slide 4 - References (all sites used for information or pictures)

7. Save to your student drive as: bacteria.yourname.6A

Posted: October 24, 2016

Please see attached assignment

Due Date: 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Page 18 - 1, 3, 5

**Remember to use the bottom of page 17 to help with #1, and questions 3 and 5 are only asking for the expression; do not put in an 'equals' sign or try to solve Ex: Double a number and add three --> 2n +3

Due Date: 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Posted: October 19, 2016

You may have 2-3 students per computer

1. Go to the following site and watch 4 videos on rockets:

2. In your duotang, list three things you already knew and they mentioned in the videos.

3. List 4 things you learned from the videos that you didn't know before.

4. List 5 vocabulary words you feel would be important to know the definition of.

5. Define each of the words in your duotang.


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