HMS Annual Gas Draw Winners

Posted: October 3, 2016

Once again this year, Harkins Middle School waged a very successful Gas Card Fundraiser for our school. We would like to congratulate Cheryl Seeley, Bryce Gullison and Amy Plaxton (our $100 gas card winners) Jimmy Dunn, our second-place winner ($500 in ESSO gas cards), and Rosalie Martin, the winner of our grand prize ($1000 in ESSO gas cards)! Congratulations also to Amelia Kingston, who received a $100 cash prize for selling the winning ticket to Rosalie!

We would also like to congratulate and thank our top sellers for this year:

3rd place: Zachary Hachey and Alexis Falconer (tie), winners of wireless ear buds

2nd place: Dante McGraw, winner of a mountain bike

Top seller: William Shelley, winner of an IPad Mini

We would also like to acknowledge Courtesy Convenience in Nordin, from whom we purchased our gas card prizes.

Finally, we would like to thank you, the community, for supporting Harkins Middle School in our fundraising efforts – your generous support allows us to run our programs, sports teams and the like, thereby creating even more opportunities for success for our students! 

In picture (from left to right):

Dante McGraw, Amelia Kingston, Stacy Eisner, Rosalie Martin, William Shelley, Jennifer Sullivan, Zachary Hachey and Alexis Falconer.